Plan an achievable target to get motivated to exercise

Plan an achievable target to get motivated to exercise

Whenever a new gym opens up in the neighborhood, some people are tempted to join it immediately, buy a new pair of sneakers and visit the gym with gusto for a few days. However, very soon they tend to lose interest and then gym is nowhere on their priority list. Over time, it becomes a pattern and this is a common trend with many people, with the reason being lack of motivation. People have a tendency to keep promising themselves that from next week, or from next month, they would stick to a plan, but unfortunately, that week or month never arrives.

Instead of waiting aimlessly for that calling, one can start working on creating that calling. Listed below are few tips, which can help a person stick to a workout plan and achieve his/her physical, emotional or mental health goals.

Attaching a tangible reward to every workout: Having goals like losing weight or winning a marathon are quite vague and they rarely see the light of the day. This is because a person who has not even started out, might find these goals challenging and inconceivable when he or she actually starts working out. And then the same goals might appear too big. Therefore, one should have goals which are easy to achieve and are rewarding. For example, one can start with baby steps of riding a bicycle for 5 minutes a day. Every time this is accomplished, one can eat a smoothie or watch next episode of one’s favorite TV drama. Over time, one can stretch these 5 minutes to 7 minutes and then to 1 hour. However, on the first day itself, if one starts with 30 minutes of cycling, he or she might get demotivated because of too much of work.

Getting accountable: A person shows up at work for most days of the week because he or she knows that they are accountable to someone and that their absence could have negative outcomes. Similarly, if working out is also taken in the same light, one might be able to reach his or her fitness goals. One can sign a contract in the presence of some trusted friends or family members and can try sticking to it.

Devising ways to fit workout in routine: Many people give lame excuses for not working out regularly, such as not getting enough time with a regular job, or young kids, or some household chore, and so on. One can still find time to work out, despite being busy. This can be done by planning a proper routine. For example, working out first thing in the morning after waking up an hour earlier.

Never forgetting health benefits of regular exercise: Whatever be someone’s reason for working out, one must remember that a regular workout can have a positive impact on one’s physical and mental health. Exercise not only helps in burning fat and building muscle tissue, it can help one in conquering anxiety, depression and memory deficits as well.

One can create a poster, depicting the multiple benefits of working out and sticking it inside one’s room, car, washroom, etc., so that one is compelled not to overlook these numerous benefits and make excuses.

Road to recovery

People who work out regularly appear younger, happier and grounded. Working out regularly demands a lot of will power, and over time, when results start surfacing, the number of excuses one devices to skip a workout starts dipping.

While exercise can greatly help in alleviating the symptoms of a mental health disorder, sometimes, it might not be enough. In that scenario, it is best to seek professional support to recover fast. If you or your loved one is suffering from any mental health disorder, seek information about mental disorder treatment in Florida by contacting treatment advisers at the Florida Mental Health Helpline. Call us at our 24/7 helpline number 866-846-5588 or chat online to get details about the best rehab centers in Florida which specializes in customized treatment programs.

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