Creative art therapy helps in relieving stress

Creative art therapy helps in relieving stress

Life is unpredictable with its share of disappointments, joys, worries, challenges and triumphs. It can be smooth sailing at times and rough at other moments. Stress is a part of our everyday life now. It slips in quietly and can begin hampering our everyday living. It is the underlying factor in most cases of depression and can be difficult to manage for both the affected person and his family. However, it can now be kicked to the curb, so claims science.

Some studies suggest that not all forms of stress are bad for humans. The biological stress marker cortisol is healthy if present in certain amounts and play an important role in regulating a person’s body clock. Scientists have found that the cortisol levels in the morning are generally higher than those during the day or the evenings. These elevated levels urge a person to get out of bed and go to work instead of whiling away time laying on the bed.

Experiential therapies in mental health treatment

A 2016 research at Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions has found that individuals engaging in a free form of art with help of available materials, and without any pre-set instructions, generally relieve themselves of a great amount of stress.

To measure the level of cortisol, saliva samples were analyzed, before and after the art was created. The participants were also asked to complete a short survey describing their experience and emotion during the art-making period. The researchers found that their assumptions were correct — three out of four participants were found to have lowered cortisol levels.

The research team concluded that people who most enjoyed the art-making process had the least cortisol levels within the sample group. However, the team of researchers also observed that there was no drop in the cortisol levels of people who have had good art experiences in the past.

The researchers believe that art is one of the most therapeutic ways to deal with stress. One can depict thoughts, emotions and even moods through art, without speaking a word. It helps a person manage his/her stress levels immensely and that is the desired purpose. There is a good chance that if stress is controlled at the right time, it doesn’t lead to other mental health illnesses.

Art therapy is a perfect distraction to stress

Studies such as this help us find out more about alternative therapies as a way to treat and relieve stress. Stress is both the cause and effect of disturbances in family and at work and can also trigger substance abuse and addiction. Therefore, managing stress is extremely pivotal in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most people do not realize the importance of monitoring stress and end up paying dearly for it later.

Art can be the perfect distraction for someone who’s combatting a lot of stress at work or in their personal life. Playing with colors, paper and ideas can be so engaging that people tend to forget their problems. Moreover, creative art does not have any side effects and even excessive indulgence can be curative.

Recovering from stress can be easier than imagined

While more researches to examine the positive effects of arts and aesthetics in controlling stress are desired, it is imperative to seek treatment if the situation is beyond control. Early signs such as loss of interest in daily activities, withdrawal from family and friends, self-willed isolation, and loss of appetite are clear signals of someone undergoing a stressful life.

If you know someone who is seeking a way out of his/her mental illnesses such as stress, depression, anxiety or any other, you can contact the Florida Mental Health Helpline for immediate help. Some good rehab centers in Florida offer a variety of treatment options that can help one cope with stress and related mental disorders. Call our 24/7 helpline number at (866)-846-5588 or chat online with our experts to find the best mental health counselor in Florida.

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