National Happiness Happens Day: Those little things of life that help attain happiness

National Happiness Happens Day: Those little things of life that help attain happiness

What is happiness? Is it about waiting for a weekend to unwind, reaching a particular waist size, or buying a solitaire or a luxury car? Actually, happiness is simply a state of mind. Feeling happy should ideally be a space where a person is consciously involved in the present moment, is feeling alive and is in total control. On the contrary, a majority of people attach happiness to material things and moments which are yet to arrive or yet to be achieved. This planning and waiting kill the thrill that can be had from the present.

Constantly thinking about the future can make one anxious and unhappy. Similarly, some people get nostalgic and tend to relate some part of their past with happiness and keep on dwelling in those moments, ruining the present over which they have actual control to build happy moments. It is usually seen that people who focus on gaining experiences and investing themselves into the relationships are happier than those who focus on acquiring things. Mastering the art of being happy can greatly improve one’s quality of life. Since happiness can have such a profound influence on one’s life, every year August 8 is observed as National Happiness Happens Day. The concept was introduced in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People to encourage people to strive to be happy and share it with others.

Along with creating experiences, one can do several other things which can be done to create and retain happiness. Some of them are listed below:

Smiling always

One should try to follow this mantra on an everyday basis. Smiling at someone could be the nicest thing one can do. Smiling is a way of sharing one’s positive energy and enthusiasm.

Fostering new friendships

Being open to meeting new people, developing a bond and nurturing it can be a very gratifying experience. Friends can help in alleviating stress and compounding one’s happiness.

Practicing kindness

Being kind is the least that one can do for loved ones, colleagues and even strangers. Helping a partner with some chores, a colleague with a report, offering a seat to someone on the train are small acts of kindness which can make someone’s day.

Pursuing goals

No matter how old one gets, there should be a purpose to one’s life. Therefore, one should keep setting goals, devising strategies to achieve them and putting their heart and soul into the execution. Over a period, when one keeps on achieving life goals, a sense of accomplishment, self-assurance and extreme happiness develops which act as a catalyst to achieve even more.

Taking care of mind and body

Nothing can bring happiness to a person if his mental or physical health is compromised. Therefore, one must indulge in extreme self-care by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Eating nutritious food, remaining hydrated, taking supplements, indulging in some sort of physical activity, sleeping for at least seven to eight hours a day, practicing a few minutes of meditation, listening to one’s favorite music, taking constant breaks for spending time with the loved ones and traveling are some of the ways which can help one build immunity, strength, resilience and a drive to keep striving for excellence and consequently, happiness.

Being happy can make life worth living

Feeling happy and sharing that happiness is a matter of choice. Every individual has his fill of happy and sad moments. The secret to living happily is simply to learn from bad experiences and rejoice the little things of life.

However, if one is persistently sad and depressed and is not being able to keep happy at all, one should immediately seek medical help. Those feelings of blues may be a sign of an underlying mental health problem. If you or a loved one is suffering from any mental health disorder, contact the Florida Mental Health Helpline to know more about the best rehab centers in Florida. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-846-5588 or chat online with experts to get information on the finest treatments for mental health disorders in Florida.

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