Mental health strategies for losing weight

Mental health strategies for losing weight

Weight-loss, a dreaded term around which many people devote excessive time and resources by following fad diets, joining pricey gyms and investing in complicated pedometers and other gadgets but the achievable target seems far. The simple reason behind the disappointment is that people fail to understand that losing weight not just requires physical work but mental work as well. It is impossible to lose weight until one has primed his or her brain for the same. Taking undue stress can worsen the situation and shift the focus. It can make someone over-anxious or depressed about not achieving the goal.

Listed below are some simple mental strategies which can do the trick:

1. Picture a thin image – The first step is to take out an old image when one was thin and paste it at a place in home or office from where it is visible. The picture could also be used as a desktop or mobile wallpaper. When one looks at it, he/she is bound to feel motivated and eat sensibly and workout.

2. Set attainable goals and then supersede them – Adding on weight is a quicker process than shedding. Thinking that it would come off in a matter of few days doesn’t make sense. It is important to take one day at a time and set short-term and attainable targets. As each goal is completed, it inspires the person to do more.

3. Create a list of distractions – People relapse when they feel bored because that is the time when they get distracted by thinking about food. Therefore, it is important to plan. One must make a list of distractions that one can pursue when a craving hits. The distractions could be calling a friend, listening to music, watching a movie, painting, creative writing, going for a run, etc.

4. Create visual satisfaction – One should do away with bigger food plates and start using smaller ones. Moderate amount of food looks small on a big plate. Serving food in smaller plates provide visual satisfaction of eating ample amount. Other techniques to achieve visual satisfaction can be eating in the dining room or kitchen and not in front of the TV, and discarding all the junk food from home. Out of sight, out of mind!

5. Strive for progress, not perfection – People fail repeatedly when they start striving for perfection, which is hard to achieve as all human beings One must take one day at a time and ensure that this day is better than yesterday by putting a little more effort. For example, if one ran two miles the previous day, one can run an extra one mile the next day. If one ate two butter cookies on a certain day, one can skip eating it the next day. This too means good progress.

6. Reward yourself – A person can trick his or her mind by incorporating the reward system in their weight-loss strategy. One can keep a reward for every short goal or every big milestone that is achieved. As the brain is tuned to get a reward, the journey starts looking less tedious and a person is more in control.

Road to recovery

Weight loss is hard work but it can be made a fun activity by using simple mental techniques. In addition, one needs to be highly motivated and develop a never say die attitude to keep on trying. If a day goes without following a diet plan or exercising, be kind to yourself and start from where you fall, rather than becoming gloomy. Remember, there will never be a perfect time to start and the present moment is the only time to pursue one’s aspirations. It’s all a matter of keeping a good mindset but for those who continue to take undue stress and worry about their body image, it might be a symptom of a mental illness. The early the diagnosis, better are the treatment outcomes.

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