Improv comedy improving mental health through playful sessions

Improv comedy improving mental health through playful sessions

There is no denying the fact that “laughter is the best medicine.” Interestingly, this old proverb is being aptly used as an inspiration by many improvisational/improv comedy teachers to help individuals dealing with mental illness like anxiety and depression to feel better and lead a healthy life. The unique performance-based methods like improv comedy enhances the level of conscious awareness of a person by involving him or her in a spontaneous performance.

Generally, these trainers teach improv comedy to students at various institutes located in different parts of the country. However, they are now observing an increased number of non-performers from different occupations in their classes. Moreover, most of the participants include those seeking help for form of mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, etc.

Nonjudgmental environment of improv comedy help attendees to overcome anxiety

By offering a comfortable space to learn a creative form of art, improv comedy classes benefit an individual more than any regular therapy session. The teachers play the most crucial role in terms of helping people suffering from lack of confidence and depressive symptoms to recover from their issues. By participating in the performance, building associations and responding to instructions, people are able to overcome their negative emotions, such as loneliness, despondency, etc.

The improv comedy sessions create an ideal environment for recovery by creating a nonjudgmental surrounding for the participants. The trainers assist people in identifying and using improv principles to help combat their anxiety. In order to bring out the right things out of the students, they try removing the fear of failure and sense of embarrassment by telling participants to overcome the demarcation between “right” and “wrong.”  Undoubtedly, improv comedy creates a welcoming and playful environment.

Another method used during any form of improv is games to help students speak their thoughts. In games like word disassociation, participants point at things and say words not related to them. Such games enable one to establish a better link between his or her brain and mouth.

Such sessions help students to stop overanalyzing their thoughts. They assist them in becoming more positive and stay away from anxiety. They also encourage them to participate in social circles and socialize with people. This, in turn, enables students to fight against their social anxiety and gain new experiences. The improv sessions can also help individuals to develop a more positive outlook toward life, as well as be strong enough to appreciate whatever comes in their life.

Alleviate mental health problems by attending improv

The beauty of improv lies in its ability to conduct spontaneous performances without any prior planning and predefined structure. When people suffering from social anxiety, depression, etc. begin to perform in such an environment, it helps them build their self-confidence and mutual trust.

The improv also works on a concept similar to therapy. The way a therapist does not judge his or her patient for what he or she says during a session, the improv sessions also allow all performers to share their ideas. This, in turn, eliminates the risk of anyone’s idea being overruled.

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