Tips to prevent cyberbullying

Tips to prevent cyberbullying

In this age of social media, high-speed internet connections and ultra-sophisticated smartphones, it is impossible to remain aloof from the offerings of the virtual world. Connecting with loved ones staying miles apart was never so easy. Doing an online course, attending live concerts from the comforts of the home, and having access to zillions of things was an unimaginable concept a few years ago. But this exciting world of technology has also spawned a monster in the form of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is a form of online harassment in which a stalker or someone with sinister intentions tries to harass a person by sending inappropriate messages, comments, sharing private pictures and indulging in such similar activities which might be detrimental to an individual’s self-respect, privacy and overall well-being. Sometimes, cyber-bullying can get so stressful for a victim that he or she might resort to substance abuse, develop suicidal ideation or worse, commit suicide. However, one can secure his/her online life by being a little vigilant and informed.

Listed below are a few tips, which can come handy in streamlining one’s online activities and maintain sanity.

Refraining from responding everywhere, every time

Just to elicit a reaction or to provoke someone, a cyberbully might post something offensive or highly undesirable. In such a case, one must combat the urge to revert or retaliate as it would give rise to even more bullying. One should instead take a screenshot, save it, block the offenderand report the misconduct on an appropriate platform.

Exercising caution while sharing information

With the advent of millions of apps, more and more users are getting cyber savvy and hence, one must be cautious while sharing any personal picture or information on the social media. In addition, one must set up privacy controls on all social media platforms so that only a few known and trusted people can have access to the sensitive information.

Not opening unnecessary messages and emails

If one receives emails or messages from unknown users, it is best not to engage with them and simply ignore or discard those messages. Further, one must never share one’s password with anyone and at the same time, should always remember to log out from the shared systems.

Spreading the cause and helping victims

One must actively support anti-cyberbullying campaigns in school and neighborhood. Moreover, if one comes to know of a friend, sibling, classmate or even an acquaintance being victimized through the cyber world, one must reach out to him or her and extend adequate support.

Cyber-bullying can exacerbate mental health disorders

A growing body of literature is establishing that cyberbullying and cyber-crimes are detrimental to the mental health of an individual. A teenager exposed to such kind of victimization can develop anxiety, depression and even trauma. A person with a history of emotional abuse can develop extreme mental health concerns if the bullying continues for long.

Teenage is an impressionable age and the mental agony or any sort of a harassment can continue to distress the mind and the trauma can continue into the adulthood. Therefore, disseminating awareness about the effective use of social media and ways to prevent and handle cyberbullying is important. Besides, it is crucial to empathize with the victims and arrange counseling and other professional support systems for their recovery.

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