Famous personalitieswith mental illness – 1: Schizophrenia

Famous personalitieswith mental illness – 1: Schizophrenia

The Machiavellian nature of some mental illnesses makes it more difficult for them to be detected and treated. Mental health problems debilitate normal way of living by affecting the way people think, feel and act. One such mental disorder that affects people to the extent that they lose touch with reality is schizophrenia. This grave and chronic mental disorder can be very disabling. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the illness characterized by disturbances in thinking, emotions and behavior, affects more than 21 million people worldwide.

The symptoms usually surface around the age of 16-30 however, children rarely have schizophrenia. The disease has afflicted some of the most famous personalities. A list of some well-known names that have dealt with schizophrenia are:

Jack Kerouac: Author of the famous classic “On the road,” Kerouac’s name as an American novelist and poet is well-known. Kerouac is renowned for his distinct style of spontaneous prose. He is known to have covered a wide range of topics including Catholic spirituality, jazz, debauchery, Buddhism, drugs and travel in his writings, but unfortunately, was diagnosed with schizoid tendencies.

Prior to his writing career, Kerouac was briefly enrolled with the U.S. military during which he was detected with a disorder called “dementia praecox”, today identified as schizophrenia. Post dismissal from the military, Kerouac commenced writing on various subjects and was recognized as one of the most celebrated writers of the Beat generation. Kerouac died due to an alcohol use disorder; his compulsive drinking habits said to be triggered as a measure of self-medication to drown the imaginary voices heard in cases of schizophrenia.

John Nash: Who has not heard the name of John Nash – an American mathematician known for his profound and deep work in differential geometry, game theory and partial differential equations? The struggles of Nash with schizophrenia apart from his mathematical brilliance was documented in the 2001 American biopic “A beautiful mind” inspired by details published in his memoir by the same name. While his scientific explanations are widely used in economics, computing, evolutionary biology, artificial intelligence, accounting, computer science and military strategies, his struggle with paranoid schizophrenia led to dismantling of ties with his family and friends.

Vincent van Gogh: The name of Vincent van Gogh, a renowned Dutch artist, remains well-known not only for his famous paintings, but also due to bouts of paranoid behavior akin to schizophrenia. Though the disease was not identified as a disorder during his time, various medical experts have hypothesized after his death that some kind of mental disorder manifested itself in his eccentric personality and repeated mood swings.

Treatment and recovery

The signs of various mental health problems may range from moderate to extreme and need to be treated with proper diagnosis to prevent the condition getting worse. It is necessary to educate and inform people about the kinds of mental disorders that impact people’s lives and the need to seek immediate help. As the fear of backlash prevents psychologically distraught people from sharing their emotional problems, they must realize that keeping their sorrows buried deep inside them will hamper their mental health adversely.

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