Importance of good mental health–1: Key to happiness

Importance of good mental health–1: Key to happiness

Money can surely make the world go round but it can’t buy someone happiness. While earning money is the foremost priority for most, what gets lost in the grind of everyday life is the need to designate equal level of importance to health. The kind of reasons that psychologists attribute to failing mental health of their patients forces one to relook at other factors that impact the quality of life more than the way money does.

Ignoring nagging health issues that can aggravate in the long run and turn into serious disorders can be dangerous. Mental health problems pose a threat to life if not looked into, during the initial stages. Despite average household incomes going up even to the extent of two or three times during the past decade owing to new technological innovations and rising employment opportunities, the scale of happiness has not gone up by the same degree. People are unhappy, stressed and depressed due to myriad reasons.

Happiness counts more than money

A research carried out by the London School of Economics in December 2016 collected and collated responses of 200,000 people on factors affecting their mental well-being. The researchers found that the symptoms of depressive disorder and anxiousness were more common but they felt happier after being in a relationship. The research also emphasized that by eliminating mental disorders like depression, unhappiness can be reduced by 20 percent. The lead researcher, Lord Richard Layard, economist and former adviser to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, also said that the priority of every government should be to measure people’s happiness in and satisfaction with their life.

While looking at existing issues of psychological health conditions and elements determining it, the researchers observed that on a scale of one to 10, raising salary by two times resulted in rise in happiness by less than 0.2. They attributed the low level to respondents’ concern about other people’s incomes than their own. Having a partner exhibited a greater degree of happiness by 0.6 points; losing them owing to separation or death revealed the same effect downwards.

The biggest downfall in happiness was caused by depression, anxiety and unemployment – a drop of 0.7 on the scale. Professor Layard reported that the observations indicated the need for states to adopt policies aimed at augmenting the happiness of their citizens. He added, “Tackling depression and anxiety would be four times as effective as tackling poverty. It would also pay for itself… These should become centre stage. Having a partner is as good for you as being made unemployed is bad for you.”

The observations accentuate the need for the government policy makers to lay stress on social and psychological factors as opposed to monetary factors in boosting levels of emotional health and welfare among the people of the state. While measures are being taken to address poverty, unemployment, education and physical health, focus should shift to domestic violence, substance abuse problems, mental disorders, alienated youth and much else.

Time to march towards recovery

Recovery seems difficult as long as one keeps postponing the need to seek for it. Understanding the importance of adequate mental health and lending due importance to factors influencing it can help usher in a new perspective on life that would further enhance the quality of overall health.

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