Famous personalities with mental illness – 3: ADHD

Famous personalities with mental illness – 3: ADHD

The most common mental health problem diagnosed during childhood is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Symptoms of this disorder include hyperactivity, uncontrollable impulses and inability to focus. Children afflicted with this disorder find it hard to concentrate, thus, resulting in constant disruption in their activities pertaining to school and personal lives.

Though nothing is much known about how the disorder outcomes may be influenced by gender, boys are more affected than girls. The symptoms of the disease can be carried into childhood as well. Adults suffering from ADHD find it difficult to pay attention and are not able to manage time in accordance with the plan, work in an organized fashion, establish goals for themselves or perform well in jobs. Because of these problems, such people fail to retain relationships, have low self-esteem and tend to get hooked to some addictive substance to alleviate the symptoms.

But there are famous personalities who have defied all odds and ensured that the disorder does not hamper their ambition to attain success in whatever they do. Some well-known personalities who were once detected with ADHD have gained fame owing to their perseverance and hard work.

Simone Biles: This American gymnast cemented her position as a world-class athlete by winning four gold medals in the Rio Olympics held in 2016. While the world was celebrating the young woman’s success, some cynics criticized her when news of Biles having prescribed ADHD medications leaked. As hackers disclosed confidential medical records from the World Anti-Doping Association database, her credentials as an athlete were questioned. Biles, instead of being cowed down by allegations and accusations hurled at her, used the information to send across a powerful message to those suffering from any kind of mental disorder including ADHD. Biles tweeted, “Having ADHD, and taking medicine for it is nothing to be ashamed of nothing that I’m afraid to let people know.”

Richard Branson: Business magnate, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, was diagnosed with ADHD and attributes his success to the detection of this disorder. While most people choose to understand ADHD in terms of its negative connotations including predisposition to postpone work, reduced productivity and concentration, successful people like Branson turned disorder to his advantage by multi-tasking and becoming a problem-solver. This attitude is helpful in the long run as ADHD people have been found to get bored with the same nature of work in a very short span of time while multi-tasking allows them to kill their boredom and put their creativity to good use.

Jim Carrey: Well-known comedian, actor, screenwriter and producer, Carrey’s name is synonymous with slapstick performances involving high level of energy. Carrey earned reputation for his ace performance in The Truman Show which earned him the Golden Globe Award for his acting skills. Carrey is an ideal example of how someone who suffered from depression and ADHD for a long time earned stardom and overcame constant feelings of sadness and impulsivity through laughter.

Michael Phelps: The most celebrated Olympian swimmer of all time having won 28 medals and being a record-holder of 23 Olympic gold medals, Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD in sixth grade. He had difficulty in paying attention in class and was put on medication. With time, he realized that medication crippled him and he started using mind powers to improve focus and behavior. Eventually, swimming became a way for him to cope with his problems.

Road to recovery

Timely intervention coupled with support from family helps in quick recovery from ADHD, though certain treatment methods are customized according to the gravity of the disorder and the patient’s needs.

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