Helping kids with ADHD

Helping kids with ADHD

Kids are the most precious gem for their parents. Watching them fit and healthy is what completes their day. But life becomes troubling and irksome for parents if their kid is detected with one of the severest mental disorders common among young children – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

ADHD is a mental syndrome that does not allow a child to perform and act like any other normal being. The common symptoms of ADHD are shorter attention span, abnormal behavior and an inability to plan ahead.

Though parents assist their kids with ADHD to fight the problem, the situation might soon turn into an unmanageable task for them. However, it’s not just the parents who face the trouble, the life gets tough for the sufferers too. When such kids are punished and scolded at home and at school, they often tend to lose their self-confidence and motivation.

Helping children with ADHD

Medication can help a child with ADHD keep calm and happy. But relying solely on medication cannot help them recover. It is essential to bring in some lifestyle changes so that they can recover faster and enjoy a cheerful childhood. Some simple ways that can help a child feel better are:

  1. Stay positive

According to author and editor W.E.B. DuBois, “Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.” Thus, parents’ behavior makes a lot of difference. Whatever the situation may be, it is essential for parents to maintain a positive attitude and calmness. They should not punish their kid while stressing too much on maintaining discipline at home.

Staying fit and healthy is important both for the child and the parents to ensure that he does not lose his attention under any circumstance and parents can always be there to assist him.  

  1. Praise often

This is the simplest and the easiest way to bring that lost smile back on a child’s face ailing with ADHD. Let the child know what needs to be done, the consequences and the rewards attached to each rule. Parents should avoid pin-pointing their mistakes each time. Instead, focus on rewarding the smallest of their achievements to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

  1. Don’t depend excessively on medication

Excess of anything is bad. And this holds true even for medication. A prescribed dosage of the medication is essential for the improvement of the kid, but parents should not rely completely on them as it might make the child feel sick and low. They might ignore the necessity of good behavior and might start depending on medication only.  

  1. Improve their diet, sleep and physical activity

Parents should plan some regular sports that would keep the child physically active, improve concentration level, help in cognitive development and reduce anxiety. They should talk to the child and find a sport that he likes and enjoys.  

Irregular sleep is another factor that increases this problem. Parents can plan an early bedtime for the kid, decrease their caffeine intake and help them go to sleep easily. Though diet doesn’t impact a child’s ADHD directly, maintaining a regular eating schedule, keeping them away from junk food and giving importance to the fresh food consumption can definitely help.  

Lending a helping hand  

A child with ADHD can recover faster if parents help him as a friend. While the attitude displayed by the kid might be too frustrating and physically exhausting, parents should never lose their cool, patience and positivity. This might sound tiring and cumbersome to a few, but if implemented, it can do wonders to the kid.

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