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Learning how to navigate smoothly through mid-life crisis

Learning how to navigate smoothly through mid-life crisis

Men and women experience mid-life crisis when they realize that time is ticking away and a lot of milestones need to be achieved. There is a dawning realization about life’s unpredictability, which may result in a sense of hopelessness, worthlessness and excessive worry or fear. This can also have an impact on relationships, work productivity and self-confidence. Some of the triggers of such a crisis could be: Read more

Plan an achievable target to get motivated to exercise

Plan an achievable target to get motivated to exercise

Whenever a new gym opens up in the neighborhood, some people are tempted to join it immediately, buy a new pair of sneakers and visit the gym with gusto for a few days. However, very soon they tend to lose interest and then gym is nowhere on their priority list. Over time, it becomes a pattern and this is a common trend with many people, with the reason being lack of motivation. People have a tendency to keep promising themselves that from next week, or from next month, they would stick to a plan, but unfortunately, that week or month never arrives.

Instead of waiting aimlessly for that calling, one can start working on creating that calling. Listed below are few tips, which can help a person stick to a workout plan and achieve his/her physical, emotional or mental health goals. Read more

Knowing warning signs of emotional infidelity to keep mental problems at bay

Knowing warning signs of emotional infidelity to keep mental problems at bay

It is important to set proper boundaries in your outside relationships for the purpose of protecting your primary relationship from emotional promiscuity. We often think of infidelity as a physical act when the truth is it started as a breach of emotional monogamy. -Jordan Blake Michiels

Singer and songwriter Michiels aptly explains the significance of emotional commitment in a relationship. Many people associate infidelity as an act of indulging in an intimate act with someone, however, long before one could reach this level, the emotional monogamy is already violated by the cheating partner. A relationship calls for an intense psychological investment and when it is marred by infidelity, the outcomes could be devastating for a person’s mental health. Read more

Study links OCD to brain inflammation

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental problem characterized by recurring and unwanted thoughts and feelings compelling individuals to carry out activities in a repetitive pattern. Such obsessions and compulsions include hand washing, cleaning of the house, checking the door lock and biting fingernails among others. Such actions can get in the way of the normal daily routine resulting in delayed or uncompleted tasks and stress. Symptoms can come and go and individuals may develop avoidance behavior to stay away from the triggers or resort to self-medicating means to control their behavior. Read more

Beware, social media can ruin your marriage

High-speed internet connectivity and ultra-sophisticated mobile phones with applications like Skype and WhatsApp have made it easier for people to connect with one other, as and when they please. These apps are mostly used for one-to-one interaction. However, when people get into social media forums like Facebook, the interaction of a person is no longer personal (except when the messenger is used), and the status and photographs are easily accessible to many other users – some wanted and some unwanted.

Relationship experts have been criticizing social media platforms like Facebook for limiting people to virtual connections when the real world connections can be more meaningful and gratifying. Furthermore, Facebook is often accused of destroying marriages because the partners are tempted to stalk each other’s profile and in this act they might come across certain aspects that can lead to a conflict or a divorce. Read more

Tips for living harmoniously with a spouse suffering from bipolar disorder

Tim and Monika (names changed) met during a recreational retreat in Florida. Tim was awed by Monika’s enthusiasm for adventure sports and her spirited personality. At times, he would be overwhelmed by her disposition but he chose to silence his intuition and convinced himself that he had fallen in love with Monika. Shortly after the trip, Tim proposed to her and she accepted.

Today, Tim and Monika complete 25 years of marriage and one might wonder what is so special about them? Well, soon after they married and returned from their honeymoon, Tim noticed that Monika had gone into her shell and was nowhere close to being what she was a few days ago. Tim tried talking to Monika but she would exasperate him by oscillating between extreme depression and happiness. After much pestering, Tim convinced her to see a physician and it was then that Monika got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Read more

Dealing with body shaming and weight discrimination for good mental health

“You can’t join us for the party. You are too fat and ugly.”

Sounds familiar? The emphasis laid down on having a sculpted and beautiful body by the society has led to many becoming a victim of body shaming practices. It is commonly practiced by bullies at work, at school or in public places, putting slender figures on a pedestal. Watching the seemingly perfect pictures of peers and celebrities on social media is also instrumental in leaving obese people feeling ashamed and worthless. Read more

National Menopause Awareness Month: Tips to navigate through menopause with sanity

To disseminate awareness about menopause and help women stop dreading that inevitable phase and become mentally, spiritually and physically strong enough to navigate through it, National Menopause Awareness Month is observed in September.

A woman reaches her menopausal stage when she does not menstruate at a stretch for 12 months and when menopause sets in, the female body drastically decreases the production of hormones estrogen and progesterone and all this can affect the mental health of a woman. Read more

Understanding link between social withdrawal and mental illness

Social withdrawal is the practice of knowingly avoiding people. It could also involve avoidance of activities that require some amount of social engagement. In extreme cases, people isolate or alienate themselves to such an extent that they could even avoid contact with their closest family members and friends. Social withdrawal is often confused with solitude, but it is not so. One might desire solitude and like it as well, but social withdrawal can spring from anxiety, lack of self-confidence or the fear of the unknown. Read more