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Learning how to navigate smoothly through mid-life crisis

Men and women experience mid-life crisis when they realize that time is ticking away and a lot of milestones need to be achieved. There is a dawning realization about life’s unpredictability, which may result in a sense of hopelessness, worthlessness and excessive worry or fear. This can also have an impact on relationships, work productivity […]

Plan an achievable target to get motivated to exercise

Whenever a new gym opens up in the neighborhood, some people are tempted to join it immediately, buy a new pair of sneakers and visit the gym with gusto for a few days. However, very soon they tend to lose interest and then gym is nowhere on their priority list. Over time, it becomes a […]

Study links OCD to brain inflammation

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental problem characterized by recurring and unwanted thoughts and feelings compelling individuals to carry out activities in a repetitive pattern. Such obsessions and compulsions include hand washing, cleaning of the house, checking the door lock and biting fingernails among others. Such actions can get in the way of the […]

Beware, social media can ruin your marriage

High-speed internet connectivity and ultra-sophisticated mobile phones with applications like Skype and WhatsApp have made it easier for people to connect with one other, as and when they please. These apps are mostly used for one-to-one interaction. However, when people get into social media forums like Facebook, the interaction of a person is no longer […]

National Menopause Awareness Month: Tips to navigate through menopause with sanity

To disseminate awareness about menopause and help women stop dreading that inevitable phase and become mentally, spiritually and physically strong enough to navigate through it, National Menopause Awareness Month is observed in September. A woman reaches her menopausal stage when she does not menstruate at a stretch for 12 months and when menopause sets in, […]

Understanding link between social withdrawal and mental illness

Social withdrawal is the practice of knowingly avoiding people. It could also involve avoidance of activities that require some amount of social engagement. In extreme cases, people isolate or alienate themselves to such an extent that they could even avoid contact with their closest family members and friends. Social withdrawal is often confused with solitude, […]