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Mental health and homelessness

Many have encountered someone who is homeless at some point or perhaps know a friend or family member who is homeless. Though people may often make efforts to assist their loved ones or others who are in such a situation, certain stigmas about homelessness still persist, often placing blame on the homeless individual for their […]

A mind of it’s own: understanding Kleptomania

Kleptomania is the inability for an individual to avoid stealing. It is an impulse control disorder, in which the sufferer is not able to utilize self control over their actions, regardless of the consequence. While this issue can be helped, many do not seek treatment for kleptomania out of shame or embarrassment.

Understanding Asperger’s syndrome

One of the most common forms of developmental disorder in children is Asperger’s syndrome. Since it is an autism spectrum disorder it exhibits similarities to autism but it also has important distinctions. Those with this condition are often able to function better than those with autism. This is because such children have more highly functioning […]